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2023 Tuition Rates will be available in January 2023.

Scholarship Rates
Scholarships are only available to incoming or current SMMUSD students.

Scholarship rates will be available in January 2023.

You will need to provide a copy of your free- or reduced-fee lunch program eligibility letter to receive these rates. Copies of your letter can be obtained from Estella Mata in the District's Food and Nutrition Services department: 310-450-8338 x70228 or

If your child does not receive a free or reduced-fee lunch, but they are enrolled in a SMMUSD school, you can still apply for a scholarship.

A deposit is required with your application. If you receive a scholarship, that amount will be used toward your program costs. If you do not receive a scholarship, you will have the option of paying the full tuition or withdrawing and having your deposit refunded to you.

Prices: Student Life
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