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Policies are subject to change. Parents and guardians will need to agree to these policies during registration in order to complete their child's enrollment.


Classes are offered subject to enrollment. In the event a class for which your child is enrolled is cancelled, you will be notified and offered another class during the same period or a refund will be issued with no registration fee withheld.

Teachers are subject to change without notice. If there is a change in the teacher of your child's class, you will not be notified, nor entitled to a refund, though we are happy to move you to another age-appropriate class during the same period if space is available. 

Except when team-taught, classes will have an average of 22 students in the elementary program, and an average of 25 students in the middle school program. Enrollment will continue until classes are full.


Parents and guardians give their children permission to participate in the Summer Adventure program (the “Program”), sponsored by the Santa Monica Education Foundation (“SMEF”) and the Santa Monica-Malibu Council of PTAs (“SMMPTA”).

Parents and guardians assume all risks in connection with the child’s participation in the Program and agree to indemnify and hold harmless SMEF, SMMPTA, and the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District (“SMMUSD”) from any claims and liabilities arising out of the child’s participation in the Program.​

Parents/guardians forever waive, release, and discharge SMEF, SMMPTA, SMMUSD, California State PTA, and National PTA (collectively, the “Released Organizations”), and any or all of their directors, officers, members, trustees, agents, employees, volunteers, any and all participants, owners, lessors, and operators of the premises, and each of them, from all liability, claims, causes of action, demands for any damage, loss, illness, or injury to the student, the student’s property, or parent’s property of any kind or nature (collectively “liability”), arising out of participation in, or attendance at, the Program, and/or the employees of said organizations, including but not limited to losses caused by the passive or active negligence of the Released Organizations, and/or the employees of said organizations; provided, however, this waiver, release, and discharge shall not apply to liability that arises from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the Released Organizations.


You may receive a full refund less the $75 registration fee if you cancel by May 10, 2024. Registration fees are non-refundable. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS AFTER MAY 10, unless Summer Adventure cancels a class in which your child is enrolled. In line with the release of liability stated above, please note that any damage, loss, illness, or injury sustained during or in connection with the child’s participation in the Program shall not constitute grounds for a refund.


Summer Adventure is an enrichment program and there are no grades or reports issued. If your student will miss a day, please let your teacher(s) know. No refunds can be offered for missed days. In order for Summer Adventure to remain a fun and positive experience for all children, parents will be contacted if a student becomes disruptive. If necessary, the child will be removed from class. There will be no refunds.


In case of illness or accident, parents/guardians give permission for emergency treatment to be administered. It is further understood and agreed that parents/guardians will assume full responsibility for any such action, including payment of costs.

Parents/guardians will inform Summer Adventure of their child's disabilities, as well as medical and health-related conditions, at the time of registration.


The safety of Summer Adventure students and staff is our utmost priority. Protocols are followed in order to ensure minimal risk of exposure.

Summer Adventure will follow all procedures that are recommended by the LA County Department of Health.

If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID during the program, Summer Adventure will take all necessary precautions to limit further exposure.

Please note: these requirements are subject to change, based on any new guidelines that may come out from the LA County Department of Health. Summer Adventure reserves the right to change its requirements during the time leading up to the start of the program, and also during the program.


From time to time there are children who require a one-on-one aide or additional adult supervision beyond the classroom teacher. Summer Adventure is not a part of SMMUSD, and cannot provide this additional supervision, so parents and guardians will be required to provide an adult qualified to provide this supervision at no cost to Summer Adventure. The supervision aide provided must be approved in advance by Summer Adventure and the approval process is based on SMMUSD's approval process and requires fingerprinting, a criminal background check, and a TB assessment, among other requirements established by SMMUSD. The supervision aide must comply with Summer Adventure and SMMUSD policies at all times while present at Summer Adventure.

This adult must also adhere to all COVID-19 policies as outlined above.


Payment can be made online via credit card or echeck. If you need to pay by cash, money order, or cashier's check, you will need to come to our offices to register during Summer Adventure business hours (please call us before visiting the office at 310-450-8338 x70420).


Please click on Prices at the top of the website for details.

Policies updated January 2024

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